Fulbright Year Italy

Research, travel, and legal dispatches from my Fulbright year in Bologna, Italy.

Photo of the Month: December 2014

After so many weeks living in a fortified city, this month’s theme is nature. Click photos to enlarge.

Montecatini Alto viewView from the hilltop town of Montecatini Alto in Tuscany.

Papal chambersThe rooms that formerly served as the papal legatee’s chambers in Bologna are now part of the city art museum in Palazzo D’Accursio. This room was painted with perspective landscape drawings that were intended to give the illusion of looking out onto lush green lawns. The technique is a Baroque style called quadratura that was highly popular among Bolognese painters.

Bologna Christmas treeThe Christmas tree in Bologna’s main square. If they wanted to keep the foliage up year-round, I wouldn’t object. (More holiday photos are available on my Instagram.)

And just for fun:

Janna Smart carI drove a Smart car on the autostrada and lived to provide photographic evidence.

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