Fulbright Year Italy

Research, travel, and legal dispatches from my Fulbright year in Bologna, Italy.

Photo of the Month: November 2014

A regular feature with a few of my favorite images taken over the past month:

Patria statueAbove: The inside of the Altare della Patria, Rome’s monument to the fatherland.

RomeAbove: View of Rome from the top of the Altare. I was surprised by all the green in Rome.

Trevi FountainAbove: Workers cleaning and repairing the Trevi Fountain. The city drained the fountain and built a temporary walkway through the middle of it, giving us a rare opportunity to look back and view the Piazza di Trevi from Sylvia and Marcello’s vantage point in “La Dolce Vita.”

Jack-o-lanternsAbove: My Italian friends’ first Jack-o-Lanterns. I taught them to carve pumpkins, and they taught me to make pumpkin risotto with the pieces. At my apartment in Bologna.  

All photos (c) 2014 Janna Brancolini

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